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Concert for the rainforest

De las Pampas a la Amazonía: a classical music journey to the heart of South America, Bolivia

Come and join a melodic and joyful 20th century South America classical music: songs and piano solos which seduce with the rhythms of pre-hispanic culture and the colours of the Andean mountains and deep forests. They celebrate love, life, and joy.

The concert includes music by the Bolivian composer Ramiro Soriano Arce (b 1956), Carlos Guastavino (1912-2000), Simeon Roncal (1870 – 1953), Alberto Ginastera (1918-1963), and Eduardo Caba (1890 – 1953).

These will be performed by Argentinian tenor Rafael Montero, and one of the UK’s foremost piano accompanists Nigel Foster.

The concert will support efforts to rebuild the Bolivian Rainforests destroyed in the recent Amazonian fires. Bolivia is at the front line of a disaster that no-one is talking about. The World Wildlife Fund has several projects in Bolivia, and proceeds will go to these projects.

Doors 5pm, cash bar and free snacks. Music 5.30-6.30pm.

After the concert there will be a symbolic planting in the rose garden of St Matthias Church as an encouragement to others to plant trees here in the UK to replace some of those lost.

Please help us fill this lovely church so we can make a real contribution to the recovery work.

With thanks for Ruth Whitehead Associates for generous sponsorship towards venue and publicity costs.

Tickets £10 (+Eventbrite booking fee)


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