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Can’t wait for Stokey History Talk no.8

Delighted to be hosting Stoke Newington History Talks no.8 on Wednesday 14 November here at St Matthias Hall.

The evening will  mark the second anniversary of Amir Dotan’s series of wonderful local history events which highlight aspects of Stokey’s past from different perspectives.   

The three speakers will be focusing on

  • Stoke Newington boundaries
  • Dissent in our area
  • Charles Booth’s poverty map

Each talk lasts 25 minutes, illustrated by a mixture of archival and contemporary images showing the area through the respective lenses of local historians, researchers, writers, photographers and others passionate about Stoke Newington’s colourful past.

Doors and cash bar 7pm. Talks 8pm. Each 25 minute talk is followed by a 10min break, with a Q&A panel at the end.

Click here for tickets – £5          All proceeds to Hackney Winter Night Shelter

And here’s the detail

Talk no. 1: On maps and in minds – The boundaries of Stoke Newington by Amir Dotan

If you were to ask 100 people to outline where the boundaries of Stoke Newington are, you’ll very likely end up with 100 different responses. Since 1965, when Stoke Newington Borough was merged with Hackney, the question ‘Where is Stoke Newington?’ is equally as interesting as ‘What is Stoke Newington?’. In this talk about historical boundaries, civic pride and identity, Amir will aim to address both questions. Definitive answers not guaranteed.

Amir Dotan ( has been researching and sharing the history of Stoke Newington as a hobby since 2011. He shares his findings on Twitter and Facebook regularly. He started ‘Stoke Newington History Talks‘, a quarterly event, in late 2016.

Talk no. 2: Dissenting Stoke Newington by Simon Cole

Stoke Newington has been a hotbed of dissent for centuries. We’ll take a brief skip through some of the themes and incidents that have given N16 a radical history to be proud of. Hear about the famous, the Feminist and the infamous of Stokey.

Simon Cole ( moved to the Hackney Rhizome for a week in 2009 and never left. Unconventional interactive walks explore everything from 1700s radical politics to gentrification, street art and psychogeography.

Talk no. 3: Charles Booth’s 1889 poverty map – The Stoke Newington notes by Mike Steele

In the late 19th century Charles Booth, a social-reformer, set about to survey the socio-economical profile of the streets of London to draw attention to poverty. This talk will describe Booth’s notes and findings in Stoke Newington, a predominately well-to-do Victorian suburb at the time.

Mike Steele, an Australian, has lived in Britain since 1954 and South London since 1964. He was a Parliamentary lobby correspondent from 1962-2010 working mainly for HTV Wales. He and his daughter Jess Steele set up Deptford Forum Publishing (DFP) in the early 90s to publish books written or edited by Jess. These were mainly about South East London and included “The Streets of London:The Booth Notebooks:South East”.

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