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Cute dog stories

We are delighted that volunteer project Pets Against Loneliness has made our halls their new home because we love them. Offering people in danger of isolation cake, conversation, and canine company – what’s not to like? And last week the world’s oldest comedian 85-year-old American-born Lynn Ruth Miller performed a dog-centric set for the gathering.

Lynn, now of Stamford Hill, first started stand-up comedy 16 years ago while covering a story as a freelance writer and ended up performing around the globe in Cambodia and Singapore and appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. She’s also been appearing in the Underbelly Festival on the Southbank.

PAL was founded by NHS research scientist Lyn Ambrose in March 2018 to bring people together and help alleviate loneliness. She says: “The reason I set it up is because I love animals an awful lot, and I’ve seen in the faces of elderly people how much they light up when they interact with pets.”

We are pleased to be hosting PAL here at St Matthias Halls – it’s 10-12pm on the first Saturday of every month, free entry and refreshments. If you know anyone who might benefit because they love dogs but for one reason or another they can’t have one, do tell them to come.

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